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Mobile Escape Room Leeds

We’re coming to the end of winter. With hopefully the worst of the weather behind us and more folks heading back into the workplace you might be looking to the future and thinking about planning your next team building event. You might be interested in the idea of some escape room teambuilding. But you have a lot of things to consider, in terms of transport, time, location, covid restrictions? So you might be thinking, how can an escape game event in Leeds work for me?

You might be asking yourself what is an escape game event, breakout room, escape the room game, escape event, escape game? If you’ve seen the Crystal Maze, Fort Boyard, Jungle Run, Escape The Hounds then you’re halfway there. Typically in these games a small team take it in turns to complete puzzle challenges in different themed locations or rooms, in hopes of winning the grand prize or for pride and glory. And although great fun to watch there is one fundamental drawback. Nearly all of these challenges are designed for one person to participate in at once. Whereas an escape room team building event solves this issue. Teams of between 2-10 people work together in typically larger, more layered experiential rooms that require teamwork and communication to solve puzzles and riddles, find keys and open locks, in order to escape the room as fast as they can. They’re just like a normal brick and mortar escape room, the key difference being its ability to be brought to your door. Be it a company car park, conference centre, a hotel's, farmers field or even your back garden.

But what if you have a larger workforce? Well, a mobile escape room team building event can help with exactly that. Not only can different styles of escape room team building games like table top games and outdoor escape games accommodate larger group sizes they are also great atmosphere builders, encouraging healthy competition and intense teamwork.

Escape room team building events have evolved out of the need to serve a certain purpose, for those less able to reach static locations, for the purpose of events where it’s not desirable to have teams of people leaving the site, like team-building days or a wedding perhaps. Or bigger groups that may struggle to find time of day where everyone can get together or transport to a location. A mobile escape room team building event can solve all this by bringing the activity and entertainment to you. Smaller back of a van style escape games can be good for small functions or parties, but for multiple groups or larger teams you need the real deal. Pop-up escape rooms are able to fit larger teams in at once with more interesting props and puzzles. A larger inflatable room are practically ideal for the mobile escape room market, as they look professional, have stronger surface walls to attach props and puzzles and can be up in minutes. If there’s a flat surface with plenty of head room and a power outlet you're good to go.

So where might you have your mobile escape rooms Leeds?

If you're hosting your company retreat or team-building day and looking for a cool venue, try the The Domino Full Venue Hire Leeds.

"A speakeasy style hidden venue in the heart of Leeds, The Domino benefits from an atmospheric dim lighting, a long bar and a flexible seating options. There is also a 5m x 3m stage with stage lighting and full PA system available.

The Whole Venue can accommodate up to 160 people standing and 40 people sitting." (

It's a cool speakeasy style bar with many booths. Perfect for a medium sized company event.

You have many different options to choose from for your escape game event Leeds.


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